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Gorgeous Brownies (made with Courgettes)

Go on, try these brownies.  The addition of courgettes just sounds a little odd but the reward is heavenly.  These brownies are moist and delicious, everybody will love them. Use  good quality ingredients, cocoa, vanilla essence, etc. and don’t be … Continue reading

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Celeriac, Potato and Rosemary Gratin

This is delicious at any time of the year but especially on those days when the bowl of grey sky is cupped close to the ground outside and trees stand bare and stark in a deep still silence. Inside, dry … Continue reading

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The Lunch Pack

A bit of lunchtime craic and chat with Paddy, Mike W, Trish, Mike G and Séamus.

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Listen Up!

    Several new podcasts on the way later.  Listen to ‘Amazing Travel Living’ – a new show on Sound Out Radio broadcast at 1pm Thursday 30th January 2014.  Go exploring, blend in with Juicy Drinks, or go all out … Continue reading

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A Loaf of Lemon

This Lemon Loaf is moist and tasty and easy to make, bringing a delicious aroma to your kitchen. It holds well over several days and also freezes well… 125g butter 125g caster sugar 2 eggs (at room temp.) 125g self-raising … Continue reading

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All The Wealth In The World

It’s the colours I remember most: the cabbage pink of the roses on the bright yellow curtains; the musty dust-speckled light in the corners; the very light itself, a sort of faded milky haze through a narrow mid-afternoon kitchen window … Continue reading

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Worst Xmas Present

All gifts are special, right? Some more than others… I went out and about to hear the horror xmas gift stories.

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